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Kevin McNemar
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I want to setup multiple cell to auto color as a date is getting closer. Can I set this up to do automatically when I turn on my computer?

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I will start with a date; I need project out 180-days. I would like for the project date to stared out "Green", once my date get halfway I would like my project date to go to "Yellow" and when I'm within 10days of my project date change to "Red". And if possible I would like for this to happen automatically when I turn on my computer?

Hi Kevin,


You may use conditional formatting with 3 rules, one for each color. Formula for the red color rule could be like


, other ones are similar. Combination of absolute/relative references and to which range to apply depends on how your data is structured.


Thanks for your help.
I got that worked out now. But there is one other thing that I would like to do. When the cells I have setup to change color I would like to link other cell to theses cells and have them change to the same color as the one I have already setup.

Hi Kevin,


I guess there is some logic behind your cells linking, if so perhaps that could be possible using such logic. Could you provide small sample file to illustrate how it looks like?

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