doubt about Excel

Barbara Pansa
New Contributor

how can I insert a function of this type: if the value of cell A1 is more than 35, multiplies x 2, and if it is less than 35, multiplies x 3? Thanks to those who can help me


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assuming that you would want to multiply A1 and the cell is B1
in cell B1: =IF(A1>35,A1*2,A1*3)



If you want a function you have to program a UDF in VBA.

If you can settle with a formula:

=IFS(A1>35,A1*2,A1<35,A1*3,A1=35,"not defined")




Hi @Barbara Pansa


If you were also wanting to include 35 in the formula (e.g A1 is more than or equal to 35) then just add a = in the criteria to @Lorenzo Kim's answer:







thank you!!!

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