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Carol Martines
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Ciao a tutti,

come si fa a copiare un tot numero di celle in colonna per 30 volte ? 

Ho la domanda di un giorno tipo al mese ma per darla come input ad un codice che sto usando mi serve averla giorno dopo giorno anche se tutta uguale per tutti i giorni dei mesi. Devo farlo per un anno. come faccio a copiare 30/31/28 volte quella colonna di 24 ore e 24 valori?

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can you please ask your question in English? and share a screenshot or file if possible?


"Hi everybody,

how to copy some cells in a column for 30 times exactly?

I have a "question of the day" each month, but I have to give it as an input for a code I'm using, so I need to have it each day even if it's the same for all the days of the month. I have to do this for the whole year. How can I copy 30/31/28 times that column composed of 24 hours and 24 values?"


I'm Italian, so I did not used a translator.

Despite I read your text as a mothertongue, I did not get what you need.

If you need to have a certain value repeated for the whole day (depending on the month) you can use a VLOOKUP formula (CERCA.VERT in Italian), referring to a simplified table with only the month and the value you have to call.



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