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I have references on other worksheets that need to change if the references change position.



Sheet 2, B1 is "3"


Sheet 1, D32 is =Sheet2!B1   =3


if i change position of Sheet 2,B1, at example in C1, and the B1 becomes empty, in the cell D32 the value is 0




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You should modify your formula in Sheet1!D32 to:
=Sheet2!C1, either manually or moving Sheet2!B1 to Sheet2!C1.


actually this problem borns when i organize sheet 2 in alphabetical order

Instead of directly referencing a specific cell in Sheet2, you should use VLOOKUP or INDEX-MATCH.

can you give me an example?



You have to attach your sample file.




Your formula in Sheet1!A1, copied down the rows, should look like this:
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