calculating sum of values in columns based upon column header

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I have 12 columns of data representing the 12 months and a totals column.  I would like a formula to total the individual values in each of the rows of the twelve columns but only if the respective column headers have a certain text value ("Actual" vs. "Budget").  In this example (using 5 months for brevity) the formula in col 6 ("TTL") should only add those values in cols 1 through 5 if row 2 for each corresponding column has the value "Actual".  Thanks!!


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this is easy with the Sumifs function.




In words: sum all the values in row 3 where row 2 has the text "Actuals" in the same column. 

You can copy that formula down to apply to other rows below.


Does that help?


Perfect.... Thanks!!!

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