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How do I change the color of the Saturday and Sunday cells in the Excel Any Event Calendar template [tf02930022.xltx]?  When I highlight the cell(s) -the formatting options are not selectable. 

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I used XMLTools for Excel 2003 with Excel 2007 (it says its compatible). Everything worked fine, but now I get a Errormassage saying: Runtime error '424', object requierd. How can I make it work again?


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Want to add dates based on the time criteria which should be done automatically as the data flows in that is a bit tedious to do manually. Have time from 00:00 hrs to 23:00 and that can be filled out easily but the dates are messing up. My first col

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Do you want something like this

=INT($A1) + MOD($B1,1)

Hello,  I have an employee who's sharing an Excel with Macro with edit permissions with a customer (not on our network) and myself (who's on the network). 

1. This file does not allow for Editing in Excel for the customer and only in the browser (See scre

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You cannot edit macro enabled workbooks online, only with the desktop version. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/work-with-macros-in-excel-online-98784ad0-898c-43aa-a1da-4f0fb5014343 Read More

Good afternoon. I have two sheets in my workbook that I am using to do a vehicle cost analysis for a fleet of school vehicles. Sheet 1 is the actual cost analysis sheet while sheet 2 is a list of vehicles. On sheet 2, the vehicles are placed into a catego

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Yes this can be done.
Just have a look to this post from Debra Dalgleish on Contexture
Create Dependent Drop Down Lists (http://www.contextures.com/xlDataVal02.html) Read More

Hi there

Can you please help me.

Purchased Office 2016 as digital download but can only open files by first opening the programme either Word, Excel or Publisher.  When I attempt to open, by clicking on a filename, I receive message "This action is only v

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Please follow this link, it may help you!

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Hi! I have a file that I want to be linked to 12 different files - I have a table of 12 months and each month (column) should be linked to 12 different files which are in 12 different locations. I have crated the needed links in the first month (column) a

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If you just select the cells for month 'x', you can use control+h to search and replace.

So, I have a an issue that is more advanced then I am. The premise is that in cell D16 a date is entered, in E16 a WORKDAY function is used, =if({@column6}="","",WORKDAY(D16,10)) to count the deadline date. This works great. But what I want to do is have 

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hi, I am using Excel 2016.

I am trying to hide a column with merged cells: e.g.

Cell A2 & B2 & C2 have been merged, while I would like to hide column B. When I highlight by right clicking column B, the whole section Column A / B / C are all highlighted so I

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if I highlight column B as part of merged cells A2:C2 then only column B is hightlighted.

I'm using Excel 2016 (Office 365 subscription).


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when I run follow this code :

Sub copyCell()
   Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A11").Copy Destination:=Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("E5")
End Sub

then I run above code:




PS: Translation in English is :

when run error '9':  index out of range


I don't know

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You can set the breakpoint at the line where the error comes out. Then, you can add Watch to watch the expression state.


Reference link

  1. Add watch
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To make this code run, you must have two sheets in the workbook, the first sheet must be called Sheet1, and destination sheet must be called Sheet2.

It depends on a speci

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Best Response confirmed by 聪聪 王 (New Contributor)

I need to sum the cells from right table into the left one and be able to order the left one as I want without losing the reference   HelpHelp 

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Hi Paco


Try this?

(insert into E5 and drag the formula down using Autofill)


Screen shot is below. Sample file is attached with the formula.


sum example.png



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trying to calculate "chr"column based on "wgt" column

problem: if "wgt" ≤ 3 then value=5  but if value ≥4 then value to be multiplied by 1.45

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Hi Yfran


Thanks for the screen shot.


Try this formula:




if formula wtg chrg.png


I've also attached a mock up of the sheet you have shown, along with the working fo

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Any suggestion for an excel formula to derive A2, B2, C2, D2 values.



Category Income A B C D
Sal1 11 3 3 3 2


if we divide 11 among 4 columns, 2.75 will result in the 4 cells

But I need the excel formula to get the whole number, next

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your cell references (A2, B2, ...) can't be correct.

I assume "Category" is in A1 and "2" is in F2.

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This is what I guess you want


Assume that you enter the formula at C2, and

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I can't work out the following problem:

Please see attatchment.

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Put this formula in cell C4:


This is all you need!

Hi everyone,


Wondering if anyone can help, I'm a little bit stuck. I've got the following spreadsheet that I need to do some work on. I need the month "premium" columns to be filtered by transaction type as well as by month.


Right now I use the follow

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Could be

=SUMPRODUCT(--(TEXT($A$10:$A$10000, "mmm")=R2)*($C$10:$C$10000="New Business")*$G$10:$G$10000)


I have a spreadsheet on one computer and when I view it on that computer I see 57 lines per page. When I view it from a networked computer (and print) I see 55 lines per page. What setting in Excel is doing this?

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That is a combination of:
- Excel version
- Printer make and model
- Display resolution
- Display settings in Windows

I need to create subcells like  the trials in this Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 3.34.48 AM.png

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You can press alt+enter to create a new line within a cell. But if you need to do any calculations or reporting with these numbers this is a very bad idea.

I have a Excel project that I suddenly can’t open anymore on my PC after I’ve started using the Excel App on my iPhone and iPad. The file is located and synchronizing with Dropbox. I’m able to open and read the project on my PC, but when I start to enter

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The problem is I do not want to create a filter because sometimes there will be a manual entry. This a log for transportation and we have dedicated drivers and OTR drivers, would like to import the dedicated information without creating a filter because w

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I creating a drop down list and want to enter information that is not on the list? shows a option (ignore Blank) so I tried to see if it would let me enter another name t

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can anyone help me please

I have a column of data. I can chart the data and create a polynomial trendline. I can show the trendline equation and see the coefficients. But is there a way to compute the polynomial coefficients for a range of data? I need to use these values in a for

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Hi there,

Need to set a rule for data input (in certain column) that only 11 digits with 2 decimal places are allowed to be entered. Have certain data to prepare for input for another database with certain limits.

IE: 12 345 678 900,00

and will be highligh

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Hi Ilze,


The rule for number of decimal places could be


you may combine it with total 11 digits length


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I have a little problem with formula: VLOOKUP. I write everything ok (I think so) but my formulas aren't fullfild.

I want to write that all time when somebody write their year of the birth, they will se with zodiac sign they have.

"vlook_value" is the year

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My guess


is enough if the purpose is to return Zodiac name. If to train in VLOOKUP - that's another story.



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From https://support.office.com/ , VLOOKUP formula is

=VLOOKUP(Value you want to look up, 
range where you want to lookup the value,
the column number in
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Hi Natalia,


Actually, I would say that you are using the selected year (somebody write their year of the birth) to find out zodiac sign.  To speak in more detail, using

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Vlookup is comparing 2000 (Cell E15) to values in A2:A13 (Zodiac names). It's not finding a match and thus you are not getting the expected results. Unpivot that list and

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Thanks for the question. I'm moving it to the Excel space for better visibility.

Can this be done in current Excel versions, if so how?   or does it require a feature enhancement?

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Hi Desmond,


You may apply custom format like ?/? instead of default one # ?/?

Best Response confirmed by Desmond Beatty (New Contributor)

47:59:00 X $25 = 1224:35:00         i want in $

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Hi Marcel,


In Excel time equivalent is number where 1 Hour = 1/24 (or 24 hours in one day). What you need to do is to multiply your hours on 24, after that on rate and

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Thanks Dean!


Yes, I'm moving your question to the Excel space for better visibility.

I would recommend that you repost your question in one of the application specific community spaces. That is where it will be seen by people with the appropriate expertis... Read More

I recently updated Excel 2016 for Mac and the conditional images I have are no longer sizing correctly.


I've set up an image that changes with the result of a selection from a drop down menu. It is virtually the same as the method described in this post

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