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I am creating a spreadsheet describing responsibilities of members of my church for each Sabbath meeting of the month.  Consequently 4 or 5 columns each month. Want to double check my entries so that no member has more than 3 duties each week.  Want to sh

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Hi Steve,


It depends on how exactly you'd like your data to be organized. As variant, one set with your duties in rows, weeks as columns and member names in cells. Anot

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When using the "Scenario" button on QAT I get the message " Redefine "Set2" scenario based on current cell values?" Set2 is my name for the second scenario.

When using the Scenario Manager dialog box I never get this message.

What´s happenning?



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I'm trying to create a table to track open items for work projects. I've got a fairly normal table setup with a dozen or so columns with various bits of information.


What I'd like to do is have a set of sub-rows below the different main rows for each it

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Hi Stephen,


As a comment, using of merged cells is not a good idea at all, I'd recommend to avoid that options. Too many undesirable side effects with them.


"Merge ce

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I enabled the draw tools tab for my PC Excel 2016, but the tools are all greyed out.

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Draw tools (along with many others) are disabled on protected sheets.  Try unprotecting the sheet.

Trying to create a formula that will return the text "RDO" when the column day matches the specific day off in column G or H for this particular employee on the day in question. 


In other words, when its the employees day off, I want that specific date

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You don't need to INDEX or MATCH, you just need this formula:


=IF(OR($G4=I$2, RIGHT($H4,3)=I$2,LEFT($H4,3)=I$2),"RDO", "")

Actually, I've updated the formula

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Hello George Weimann,


- Use the below formula in cell - I4:

=IF(OR($G4=I$2, $H4=I$2),"RDO", "")

- Then drag/copy&paste the formula until you need it.


Hope that helps.

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Hi all

I have a problem with HLOOKUP. (EXCEL 365)

I need to copy a  column of data from one worksheet to another.

My function works exactly as required EXCEPT:

The source column contains a proportion of empty cells. When these cells are copied Excel puts

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Hi Frank,


As variant in Excel Online you may apply custom format like this


And/Or if you have Excel Desktop to edit the file once applying any other custom format like

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Using excel 2013. I was about to design Students' Attendance sheet. I typed Days: Monday - Friday in a row, then "M" (for Morning) and "A" ( for Afternoon) in the a row under the first one, then I created a grid line round the data, just to discovered th... Read More
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I have a problem with Excel. I cannot do any activities with the previous files that is saved in my computer. I see Excel (Unlicensed product) on the top. I do not know what to do. Please help me out !!


Thanks !!

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You have to license the product to be able to use your files.

Please visit this site: Office products.


You can temporarily use Excel Online.



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10cm of unwanted white space has emerged between two rows in my excel spreadsheet. Can someone please tell me how to remove them. Thank you. Maria 

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Woo Hoo. Don't quite know how I did it but played around and it's fixed. Yay!

We have an excel file with a column that has our project numbers with both numbers, and some with letters. We have them all saved as "text", so when filtered and sorted from a -z, they look like this: 400, 400.A, 400.B, 401, 401.A, 401.B, 402.A, 402.B, 40

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I have created a budget document to record and calculate for the next 10 years.

I would only like for the fiscal year I select from my drop down menu to display.

I have a Macro to delete rows depending on the selection from a drop down menu.

It works fine

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Through much searching and playing around i found a way to complete my task.


Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim myRng As Range
Dim strCase As Strin

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Hi all !


First off. I am running Excel 2013 64 bit on a Windows 7 pro system and i have i problem!


I'm trying to use the excel plugin "Fuzzy Lookup": https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15011


in the config menu u can chose multi

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Please let us know exactly what you want to do, it's better to give us some screenshots and samples of your data.


You can use the exact match or default match to get a

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Hello everbody!


My name is Helio and I have been some problems with the new Excel's update availabled in the last week for Brazil. In this update the shortcuts was changed and I will have to learn all the commands again.

For example:

Before update: T

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In fact, Alt key shortcuts (aka Access keys) are special kind of keyboard shortcuts, some of them change in some versions and languages!

Some of them may change if you upg

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I had a 3 year old spreadsheet and I had a hard disk crash, so I lost all my data.

The spreadsheet had the first column frozen, and I cannot find how to do that in the new 2018 Help section???


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Found it, Thanks


Hey guys, 

I'm new to Excel and i want to use to do daily expenses, I'm having trouble finding where Subtotal is? 

Regards, Michael 

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Im try to open a worksheet and only partial data opens.  I'm thinking a compatibility issue not sure what work around I can use






Compatibility Report for Scorecard Reports PER 12 2017 CUR AND YTD.xlsx        
Run on 12/28/2017 8:27    
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the compatibility report says it all.


Update your version of Excel.


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use Pivot Tables to draw an "offices occupancy table".
I have several rooms occupied temporarily by entities.

One sheet has the full list of all "contracts" (which entity occupies which room betwwen which dates)

I'd like calculat

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I have over 20 hours into a card inventory list and literally out of nowhere Excel refuses to organize the card names alphabetically. It came out of nowhere. With over 250 entries it now will not sort. I was searching a description and all of a sudden it

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Hi Joseph,


Alphabetical sorting in Excel is not exactly "alphabetical", it takes into account quotation and punctuation marks, etc.


If exclude macros the solution cou

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I am brand new to Excel, thrown directly into the deep end with a new job only three months ago. I have found it is incredibly cool, but the directions at times can be very mind-boggling. 

I have a spreadsheet and what I want to do is highlight a cell if

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- Select the B and C columns

- Apply new condition formatting rule

- Use the option - "Use a formula to determine which cells to format

- Use the below formula:


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how to let the chart read the data which is selected only with a specific condition


for example, i want the chart to read the data only if the value is greater than zero

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Hi Hussein,


You shall filter your data source, see for example https://blogs.office.com/en-us/2014/02/04/filtering-charts-in-excel/?eu=true

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I have a spreadsheet that everytime I sort the data it does the following:


adds a blank line

1)erases the border around the last entry

2)changes the sort data from auto to one of the colors I have already specified to sort by ( I have to cut the header

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can you post a file with some sample data that shows the behaviour? It's quite hard to recommend anything without being able to at least inspect the problem. 

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What is the formula (IF? Lookup? ???) to use so that a cell will display a specific "text" based on the user's  answer selected from a drop-down list in the preceding cell? 


For instance, if cell A1 has a drop down list of food types ("Entree," "Side,"

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You have two ways to do that either Nested IF or VLOOKUP as shown in the below screenshot:

Two Examples.PNG


Please find the attachment.




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I have this table that needs to do a formula on:

J3 of J2+x till B3>=H3.

J4 of J3+x till B4>=H4.

J5 of J4+x till B5>=H5.



Is this possible without macros?

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Wow this works rly more faster than my macro xD

Thanks for the code, but my question is whether it is possible to do this without macros

Sub Botón1_Haga_clic_en()
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I know that this is a circular reference, for this i ask if is this possible without macros.

What i have to archive in J3 is go adding up (1+1+1..)until K3 mark o (need a

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what is "J3 of J2"? Can you manually mock up a few examples of what you want to achieve in a spreadsheet and post that workbook? Then explain the logic. 

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I have a list of names in a sheet and I use them in another sheet. The problem is that I always have to add new names in the list of names and I want them to appear in alphabetical order. When I reorder the list all its references in the second sheet gets

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don't use direct references like Sheet1!A4 but lookup functions like VLOOKUP(), LOOKUP() or INDEX(MATCH()).



As a teacher, I have a large Excel 2016 workbook containing information on about 250 students. The first sheet, called Student Information, contains all their demographic data, such as name, ID number, birthday, address, parent names, etc. I also h

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Hi Laurel,


Since you have AutoSave that means you works with cloud storage (OneDrive or Sharepoint library). You may recover your previous version if you open that stor

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