autosave changed in excel

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Autosave seems to have changed.  When I open a file that is not on OneDrive, then click the autosave button, I get the following popup.

How do I turn on AutoSave?

Just upload the file. We'll save your changes as they happen.

Then I get the choice for Sharepoint with my business one drive or OneDrive Sign in.

That never happened before today!

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I have a similar issue, not sure if it's what you have. If I open a onedrive for business document from the web browser the office app (excel, word..) knows the document is from onedrive and enables autosave, but if I open it from the onedrive folder in the MS explorer (that is a Onedrive for business synchronized folder) it does not recognize it as being part of Onedrive an autosave is disabled (if I try to enable it it tries to upload a new copy).


I have last version of office and onedrive client:

excel 1904 (build 11601.20144 Click-to-Run)

onedrive 2019 (19.042.0304.0007)




@jheintze , not only in Excel, that's for entire Office. In general AutoSave (not saving AutoRecover versions) works only with OneDrive or Sharepoint. If yo don't like, you may ignore that suggestion.



Another new related functionality



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