Worksheet protections

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I have a protected worksheet, and users are to access certain cells. There is also a pivot table to the right of my data.

  • Those columns that are most relevant are displayed, while less relevant columns are grouped and collapsed. I need the user to be able to expand and view the collapsed/hidden columns.
  • Once the user has selected values for the cells they are to edit, they need to see updated results in the pivot.
  • Users should not be able to do anything other than edit unlocked cells, expand and view the collapsed columns, and refresh the pivot.

    Can I enable such permissions in a protected worksheet/workbook? If so, how? I have experimented with the protect worksheet options, but no luck there. . . . I am not advanced enough to work with VBA for my solution. . .   :-(

Please help or tell me it just can't be done...set me free!

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