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Orlanie Lagrimas
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Hi, Guys,


Need your help. 


What will be my formula for the table below.  I know its looks easy but I have a hard time manipulating the formula here.


My goal is to get the average of the test result for the entire week.



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pls find attached file.

hope that this can help you.


Hi Orlanie,


Does Lorenzo's response solve the problem?


I understand that you need to get the weekly scores average for each Test number.

But, is the data in Sheet 1 for all weeks?

How the weeks is categorized?


If you attached the workbook, that would be better.



Mr. Amairah

nice of you to pitch-in.


Wow you're amazing Lorenzo.  I got the file and its exactly I want to achieve.  Superb

Yes.  Lorenzo made it possible.  Thanks

Glad that it helped.
Mr. Amairah has some valid points - you might want to clear it up with him.
He is very helpful.


btw - the column on TEST# should be sorted to make it work...