Web Import: Change Website Level

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Hi all,


I'm trying to use Excel Web Queries to import data on books from ISBN numbers.

Now, I'm completely new to Web Queries and have run into a bit of trouble.

I found this website: https://isbnsearch.org/isbn/ in order to get the data I need, but when I first put it in the field, I was asked to choose a level (i.e. https://isbnsearch.org/ or https://isbnsearch.org/isbn/3596164532 or https://isbnsearch.org/isbn/3596164532)

At this point I wasn't quite clear on how I wanted to do this and chose the wrong level. And now I have absolutely now clue on how to get back to this point, evey time I enter this address, it simply assumed to know what I want.

I may be going at this entirely wrong anyway, but if anyone would be so kind to help me I would be super grateful!


And I'm very sorry if I'm posting in the wrong spot or if this has been answered before, I couldn't find an answer to this yet!