User-Defined function apparent conflict.

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Hey. I've been struggling for a few days with a file that throws the following error : https://imgur.com/a/C4g4yBX . Initially I found the function  with that name defined in a class. I deleted EVERYTHING pertaining to that particular function. Nothing else in this excel workbook/code contains the "isformula" string. Still, I get the same error. I tried searching again both in the code and in the workbook, no results were found. I tried searching in conditional formatting to see if I can find that function, but didn't find it. An expedient solution was saving the file in .xlsm instead of .xlsb (which was the de facto format for this specific file), but this is not acceptable. Can someone give me any ideas where to look further? Thanks!

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Are there any hidden sheets in the workbook? Perhaps this is on an ancient XL4 macro sheet?

Thanks for helping, Jan! I don't have any hidden sheets and I can't find any XL4 macro traces. BTW, I use Office 365 (just as a reference). I still don't get why saving the file as .xlsm instead of .xlsb solves the problem...

Would you be willing to send that offending file to me so I might try to find the culprit?

Thank you, Jan. But this is a strictly confidential file (annoying, I know). I wish I could just send it to more capable minds, but the internal regulations prevent me from doing so. Sorry.

I understand. I do expect you can remove almost all data without getting rid of that message so creating a privacy-friendly file should be possible :-).
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