Two-way ANOVA with replication

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Using Microsoft EXCEL. I have a question regarding the ANOVA, two-factor  with replication. I have my data set up such that I have three columns with differnent sample types (labeled above) and 8 rows per sample for two sample groups (labeled on left) and the data equally distributed within the colums and rows. When I run the data analysis for the Anova, two factor with replication, I input all the cells with the labels and the data, I set the rows sampled to 8 and the alpha to 0.01 and the output to new worksheet ply: when I clck ok it gives me the message that my input range contains non-numeric data. It was my understanding that non-numeric labels were acceptable. I have been following a tutorial and on the tutorial (which I have followed precisely) the tutor has no problem getting the results when doing the exact same procedure. Does anyone have a solution to the problem or see where I am going wrong? I would appreciate any help and comments.



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Hi, I had a same problem with non-numeric labels, then I change the factor names to shortcuts as A1, A2, ... and B1, B2..., e.g. year (2015, 2016) was changed to Y1, Y2, locality (GB, DE) were changed to L1, L2 and finally it works. Hope it helps

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