Two types of blank in Excel (Accidental duplication of post - apologies - please see the other one)

Roy Brown
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I have encountered two types of blank in Excel 2013.


The first, when you do =(the blank cell) in another cell, gives 0; the second gives blank.


The first, when you do =(the blank cell)+1 gives 1; the second gives #VALUE!


I have been unable to discover what the difference between the two sorts of blank is, or how to turn one into the other short of Copy and Paste. Both show as General under Format Cells, though =TYPE(the blank cell) gives 1 for the first example (number) and 2 for the second (text).


But both seem quite impervious to having any other TYPE value set for them with Format Cells, or via the use of Format Painter.


What am I looking at here?



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suggest you attach the file (if it is not sensitive) so that people at the forum can have a better view of your query.

Thanks Lorenzo. I’ve been a right noob here, and somehow duplicated my thread/conversation, but I will take your advice, and post an example in the other conversation, as that is the one with more replies so far.

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