Trying to help out a non-profit with booth lottery

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Using some priority rankings and the =RAND() function, I have successfully created a lottery to give preference for different troops to be get their first choice at booths to raise money for a non-profit.  Each troop has a booth preferences, for example 50 would be location B time slot 10, which they ranked.


I am struggling to assign/match the 1st troop their 1st preference and then remove that option from the pool so that the 2nd in line in the lottery can't be assigned that location/time but would get the top preference if not already taken.  In the spreadsheet attached I have 10 troops which are ranked (column G) randomly to be assigned first round of preferred booth assignments, which I am trying to put into column H based on each troops top 25 preferences in columns I:AG.  Note that the troops many rank < locations/times.


Thanks in advance.

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