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I have an excel spreadsheet where i work out my quotation data. I have been then copying and pasting the different totals for each line of the quote into a Word document. I am trying to get tht code right to transfer each individual field into different parts of the word doc with one click instead of manually copying each one. There are 10 to 20 lines with $amounts that i want to transfer to my word template

In Excel I have

Qty 50

Components 40

Hardware 130

Panel 375

NRE 850


And then in my Word document  I have

PCB Cost

USD Exchange Total


Can anyone please help me figure out how i can get the numbers from excel into the correct lines in word?

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are you using this in Excel online? Then you can't use macros or VBA. If you use Excel and Word for desktop, you can use VBA code, but it's not trivial to set up.


Basically, you need to create bookmarks in the Word document, then in the Excel code, open the Word document, jump to the bookmark and insert the value from the Excel cell. How exactly that code needs to be written depends a lot on your Excel and Word data structure.



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