Time values with decimal seconds

Norman Martens
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I need to be able to enter times with decimal seconds.  For instance, 1:15:25.50 representing 25 and 1/2 seconds after 1:15. I enter the following: =TIME(1,15,25.5) and format the cell as:  hh:mm:ss.ss and it displays:  


Why doesn't it display 01:15:25.5?


When will Excel support real time stamps.  Almost every language has them.  For instance, this SQL command:


2007-04-30 13:10:02.0474381


How do I download time stamp fields from a database to Excel?



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Hi Norman,


Two reasons are here. First, in you custom format hh:mm:ss.ss you repeat showing seconds at the end, thus it show .25 where 25 is number of seconds. To show milliseconds use custom format like


when the time will be shown as 01:15::25.500


Another point TIME function doesn't work with decimals. If you use decimal numbers as parameters they will be cut to integers. For example, =TIME(1.7,0,0) returns 01:00:00 (it takes integer part of 1.7). Same with seconds if you enter it as 25.5, TIME returns 25 seconds only.


To work with TIME and milliseconds you shall add them manually like


Or you may enter it without using the TIME as 1:15:25.5 (however, in formula bar it'll be shown as 01:15:26)



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