Time Line of Cash Flows Visualization

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I have an excel sheet with 6 columns -3 different cash flows(30%,60% and 10% of the project value) and 3 columns with their respective dates. As an example- suppose total contract value is 100 USD, I receive USD 30 on 15.02.2019. USD 60 on 15.03.2020 and USD 10 on 15.03.2021-this is one row and 6 columns.I want to present this information in 1 single chart/visualization. It makes sense if I have 3 different line graphs-but when I try to combine the  data- X axis(dates) and all the 3 Cash flows (on Y axis),it doesn't make sense-it gets chaotic and moreover the dates only come up for the 30% Cash flow. I want X axis with all the dates from 2018 till 2020 and on Y axis to have the cash flows with 3 legends(30%,60% and 10%) on their respective dates.I am not an advanced learner in Excel so would appreciate your help! What to do?