Time Formatting to hh:mm:ss.000000000

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Is there a way to format cells to display a time stamp more granular than .000 seconds?  Currently I  custom format (hh:mm:ss.000) to get milliseconds but if I try to go out more than .000 seconds I get an error message "MS Excel cannot use the number format you typed".  I'd like to go out as far as hh:mm:ss.000000000 if possible but anything over .000 would be helpful. Thank you.

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I'm afraid not.



It seems that Excel can't display a time value that has a second precision lower than the millisecond such as microsecond and nanosecond!


If you already have timestamps that are formatted in the microsecond or nanosecond and you want to display them in Excel, the trick is to pre-format the cells as text before you copy the timestamps into them.


Timestamps in microseconds and nanoseconds.png

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

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