System DSN Dropdown for ODBC Connections Not Loading in Power Query in Excel

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Hi guys,

I don't see my installed system DSNs when trying to connect to ODBC source in Power Query. The dropdown menu simply does not show up. I dont see the highlighted part:


I have a brand new laptop. Win 10, 64 bit. 

I installed Excel 64 bit.

I installed Simba Driver 64bit for Big Query and setup System DSN via "Setup ODBC" menu in Win 10. Tested connection, everything works.


I go to Excel, try to add a new source in Power Query > ODBC > I don't see the dropdown menu at all where the System DSN is supposed to be selected.


When I try the same thing in Power BI, I see the dropdown menu. I can select the desired System DSN and everything works ok so something must be wrong on the Excel front.


I also have an old PC sitting next to me where everything works OK (also setup by me few months ago).

Any ideas what could be wrong?

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