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Is there any way of getting the Subscript & Superscript buttons into Excel 2013 the same as they are in Word 2013?


When you have a lot of text in hundreds of cells which includes m2 and m3 it's not particularly efficient.

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This does not directly answer your question but may be relevant.  Although the formatting of Excel text to introduce superscript/subscript is laborious, it is possible to introduce Unicode subscript characters e.g.

m₂ , m₃

Not only can they be used as text strings, they are also valid as names, unlike M2 or M3 that are cell references.

If you want to add superscript 2 or superscript 3, you may use:


To continue your post, given a sufficiently up to date version of Excel,

= "m"&UNICHAR(unicode)

will produce m₀ to m₉ as Unicode takes values from 8320 to 8329

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