Sum returns 0

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Sum returns 0

I have a data validation list in column C. 


In column D I have this formula:

=IF(OR(C$5:C$30="400 Confirmation Calls",C$5:C$30="1100 Inbound Calls",C$5:C$30="430 Appts Created"),1,"")&IF(OR(C$5:C$30="420 Confirmation Calls",C$5:C$30="1200 Inbound Calls",C$5:C$30="450 Appts Created"),2,"")&IF(OR(C$5:C$30="450 Confirmation Calls",C$5:C$30="1300 Inbound Calls",C$5:C$30="470 Appts Created"),3,"")


At the bottom of column D I want it to sum up the total for all of D and for some reason it just returns "0". excel help.PNG

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Re: Sum returns 0

It's a common issue!


Quick solution:



Please refer to my answer to this question to learn more about this issue!

Re: Sum returns 0

It didnt seem to work... or I did it wrong which is much more probable. 

I put 


 I only want it to sum up the range D5:D29

Re: Sum returns 0

It should work!

Let me know what its result!

Is it 0 or something else?

Re: Sum returns 0

I guess that you have in sum range some blank cells!


If so, please use this workaround:





NOTE: to enter this formula, don't press Enter, but press Ctrl+Shift+Enter simultaneously, and do that each time you open the formula in the edit mode.

Re: Sum returns 0

So the first formula you gave me returned the #VALUE! error. The second formula just comes up as 0


Re: Sum returns 0

Make sure to enter the second formula by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter as I mentioned before, this keystroke shortcut will force the formula to deliver the right result.


Give it a try.


Re: Sum returns 0


Re: Sum returns 0

sorry to boder but i've been trying to use the same step you gave to solve this problem and it keeps giving my 0.  please would you help me

Re: Sum returns 0

Hi Jose,


Please post a question in this community and describe your issue in details to figure out how to help you!

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