Stock Quote - Adding user-defined fields

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Hello. I have found Stock Quote very useful.
However, I wish there were more fields. I am aware the ones included are "fixed" to some extent: current stock price, employees, market cap... all set for current period. So I was wondering if there is any special syntax we could use to retrieve even more information from Morningstar. Example: I tried short interest by adding this formula to a cell:

=A2.[short ineterest] for company name in cell A2 and did not retrieve any data from Morningstar.


Do only the established fields work? Can't we add our own? Could we add time frames, such as Revenues 2018, Revenues current quarter, etc.

If this could be added "Stock Quote" could be a great sandbox to play with financial information. My wish: adding fields for ownership and valuation data points on different time frames. Current period at a minimum. 

Thank you for making this tool available.

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I'm afraid you cannot (yet) add your own fields. If you would like to draw MSFT's attention to this, add a suggestion to Excel.uservoice.com and get people to vote for it.