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Hi all, 


I have 3 sheets in my file and I'm trying to create a formula for my 3rd sheet 'Stats' referencing information from my 1st sheet 'Open Incidents'. This information that I need is from B2:B100 and how many times the value /12/2018 appears however I'm not sure how to create formulas referencing other sheets. Also if the value in column B on sheet 1 is a full date E.G 01/12/2018 would this still pick out the /12/2018 in the formula? Quite new to Excel so thanks for any help in advance!  

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That could be like

=COUNTIFS('Open Incidents'!B2:B100,">="&DATE(2018,12,1),'Open Incidents'!B2:B100,"<="&DATE(2018,12,31))


Brilliant, thank you! 

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