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I am new to Excel Online, and I have noticed several items I would have used in the office version that I no longer have in the Online.  I have a spreadsheet I need sort the columns by the colors I have coded.  There is not an option for that?  I only find ascend and descend.  

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Hello @plask770,


(please note that this solution only works if you have a value of any kind in the cells that are colored)

First make sure you have a filter on the columns you want to sort (by the sound of it you already have done this).


Next you are going to want to select the dropdown arrow on the column you want to sort and select the custom sort option.Screenshot_2.png

After that, you can then add each level of color to have a list of the order you want the color to be sorted in. Screenshot_3.png

That should do it! Screenshot_4.png




Let me know if this answers your question. I understand this might be time consuming if you have a lot of colors, in which case a macro would be better suited for a job like this. 





Within my excel I do not have the option to sort by color only sort ascending and descending, text filters, and filter.  When I click on text filter I get a custom but it only allows me to sort by items like equal, is greater than etc.  There is not an option for color.  




Try clicking on the "Data" tab of the ribbon and select the "Sort" option to the left of the "Filter" button. If that doesn't work, can you let me know what version of Excel you are running?Screenshot_5.png




that does not work either.  So I am using the Office 365 version.  

Would you be able to send a screenshot of what you see? I am also using Office 365. 

Here are the screen shots.

My bad, thought you were working on a desktop version of Excel. I see you are on the online version (like what your question originally said but I must have misinterpreted). 


It doesn't appear Microsoft has built this functionality into their online version of Excel yet, unfortunately. I would download the file to a computer that has Excel and do the sort, then upload the file again with the format you are looking for. 


I wish there was a better way but Excel online is pretty limited compared to it's desktop version. 

Thanks for your help.  I am not very impressed with the online, but that is what our company uses.  


Have a great day!


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