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Chris Sanders
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I had a slicer that used a date column from a table that previously worked fine giving the options in the date column;


Jan 2017

Feb 2017


Sept 2018


I've just moved PCs at work to one that has a slightly more up to date version of Excel and now the Slicer groups into Months;







And doesn't separate by year, so now all when I select a month it selects the data for that month from both 2017 and 2018.  


Can someone tell me why this has changed and if I can change it back? Thanks.


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Can you perhaps attach a sanitized copy of the file?

It's a 50mb spreadsheet with 150k rows of data in the table the pivots are run off. Also as I dont have the older version of office I wouldn't be able to show what it was like previously...


I've attached a word file with a screen grab of the slicer, as you can see from that it doesn't differentiate by year at all, does this help?


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But you should be able to remove a large number of rows of the source data and attach the shortened version? All that is probably needed is a handful of rows. Also, make sure you anonymise the data as well.

Yes, it looks like this in case you don't add data to data model


If right click and Ungroup it goes to


But better to work with data model initially




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