Showing which month is the busiest in excel?




I have a document in which I've got two tables, looking like the one attached. I want to combine the tables together (perhaps i'd use a power query?) and then i want to show which month has more 'actions' in it, to see when i'm busiest. I'm unsure how I would group the actions in months and then show which one was busier - has anyone got any advice please?


Many thanks



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Hi @Bailey100 


Power Query will be good then load to Data Model and insert a Pivot Table which can then summarise your dates.


See the attached file...


Once you put a date in a row or column in a Pivot Table you can right click and group by month and year




Have you ever used Power Query before?


What version of Excel are you using?   Excel 2016 ?   Excel 365?




@Bailey100 , if you attach small sample file it'll be easier to demonstrate.

@Wyn Hopkins 

Thank you Wyn, I answered too long and didn't see your post

Hi, @Wyn Hopkins 


Thanks for your response, I have used power query before but only on a basic level. I'm unsure how you've created the pivot table? I'm using excel 2016.


Thanks again,



Select Load to...


Select Add to the Data Model and Only Create a Connection




Insert > Pivot Table > OK


Then set up like this and right click on the dates and choose Group





Group by Day, Month, Year


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