Setting Print Areas Not Working in Excel 2016

Scott Cox

I'm trying to establish print areas for my Excel sheet. I’ve done this many times before. I'm no expert, but I'm not a newbie either. I can’t get Excel to take what I input. No error messages are generated, but after I exit, Excel will revert to some odd page sequence in the print area field that makes no sense and certainly isn't what I entered. I’ve tried entering the cell range manually and creating using the mouse to create the print area.

What am I missing?


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Hi @Scott Cox,


Did you tried clear the print area and set the print area.?

How do I do that, "clear and set?"
It worked perfectly! Thank you. I can't imagine why this would be necessary, but it definitely solved my problem.

I am having the same issue. I have cleared the set print area, tried a different computer and dame thing. I have selected 3 columns but it is only wanting to print 2.


Any ideas why it would do this.



@Janina Lear


Check the 2 column width exceeding paper size.


And Maker sure that Scale is 100%.

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