Sequential date function in Excel

Debbie Timpano
New Contributor

Hi I am trying to do the simple function of sequential dates in Excel. I have used the Fill function by both the Fill handle and highlighting cells and editing. The cells are formatted correctly as dates. It won't allow me to list sequentially by day or month - only by years.
I have a new laptop and version of Excel is there anything I need to turn on for this function to work? Thanks

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If you want to filter your dates according to days and months you can create 2 helper columns with =DAY(Date) and =MONTH(DATE) formula both getting DATE from the column with dates and apply filter to those columns to list whatever data you need.


Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately I don't need to filter my dates.  What I need to do is create a list of dates in sequential order.  Excel is only allowing my to grow by year and not by day or month using the FILL function.

Are you able to assist.