Security Warning: Automatic update of links has been disabled.

Mark Adams
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I'm having an issue clearing a Security Warning in Excel.


When I open Excel, I receive a warning saying:

"Security Warning: Automatic update of links has been disabled."


So, I go to Data >> Edit Links and find that there's a reference to "<filename>.xlsb", and the Document Inspector confirms that there are links in the file.


Then, I search in the formulas for the whole workbook, and Find/Replace finds nothing with that file name or extension. I have even tried Break Links and, after saving and reopening the file, the issue persisted.


How can I find the links that are causing this annoying warning to appear?


Suggestion: Edit Links should include a "Go to..." function.

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2 main places to look for these "ghost" links is

a) Formula > Name Manager and look in the Refers to column

b) Charts: Click on the charts and choose Select Data to see if there's external links there
Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, it hasn't resolved the problem, as Name Manger does not show any references to any external workbooks and I have no Charts in this workbook.

The other places could be inside Conditional Formatting or in Pivot Tables connected directly to external sources.


I'd suggest you download this add-in created by Excel MVP Bill Manville





The Add-In worked! It turns out it was a validation formula that was calling the workbook after I copied/pasted from another workbook. Problem solved. Thank you!
I have the same problem. But, FindLink will not find it. I have also been through any other methods of hunting it down, to no avail. Even the "break link" will not work. There seems to be some kind of link that once created, cannot be removed.
Have you tried going to Data > Connections and seeing if there’s anything there ?