SAVE AS, is not saving work, when printing, work drops top rows under the heading

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I am new to excel.  Always boggled me so did not use.  Was handed a usb stick to continue on with a friends work from passed years.  (running a craft fair)  As I change info and add rows, I am noticing when I print out my work, it drops some of the rows at the top.  I thought it was reverting to what my friend had on the stick, but now realize it is dropping the top rows when I added people.

I ended designing it in Publisher.  Found another page doing the same thing.  I want to know how to continue in Excel, please help.

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Hello @5connerys,


in Excel you can define which cells of the spreadsheet to include in the printout. Your spreadsheet may have wrong settings for this, so you may want to start with clearing these settings.


Open the Excel spreadsheet and on the Page Layout ribbon find the dropdown command for Print Area. Click the dropdown and select Clear Print Area.  That's probably all you need to do to fix your problem.


Now click File > Print and check in the print preview if you like what you see. If so, go ahead and print.


If the print preview shows too much content and you want to print less than what the print preview shows, go back to the sheet, select the cells you want to include in the printout and click Page Layout  Print Area > Set Print Area


You can also click the View ribbon and select the Page Break Preview. It shows blue outlines around the content and you can see which cells end up on which page. 


Save As is used to save the workbook with a new name. The original version of the spreadsheet stays as it was and the changes you made are saved in a new workbook. You probably don't want to use that for plain saving your work. Just use the Save command or the floppy disk icon in the window bar.

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