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David Conti
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Hi to everyone,

I can't to create a right criterion.

I'd like to create a criterion from 01/01/2015 to 31/03/2015 but my formula doesn't work (">01/01/2015")

I can only create a formula with a criterion greater then 01/01/2015.

Thanks in advance

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David, depends where you use your criterion. Usual way is to use ..IFS functions (COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, MINIFS,...) which allow to use multiple criterion with AND condition. e.g. COUNTIFS(date_range, ">=01/01/2015", date_range, "<=31/03/2015") 

First of all thank you very much for your help.

This is my formula: =SOMMA.PIÙ.SE('FATTURE ATTIVE'!H2:H1000;'FATTURE ATTIVE'!A2:A1000;'PROSPETTO GENERALE'!L1;'FATTURE ATTIVE'!D2:D1000;date_range, ">=01/01/2015", date_range, "<=31/03/2015").

As you can see, I've just tried to use your suggestion but this formula doesn't work.

=SOMMA.PIÙ.SE('FATTURE ATTIVE'!H2:H1000;'FATTURE ATTIVE'!A2:A1000;'PROSPETTO GENERALE'!L1;'FATTURE ATTIVE'!D2:D1000;date_range, ">=01/01/2015", date_range, "<=31/03/2015") 


David, i guess that's SUMIFS. First i see you use mix of ";" and "," as separator in formula. It depends on your regional settings what to use, but in any case that shall be always ";" or always ",". 

I've just tried to apply that correction but formula doesn't still work. =SOMMA.PIÙ.SE(B1:B15;A1:A15;">=01/01/2015";date_range;"<=31/03/2015") 

i'm not sure what's "date_range" in your formula, is it correct name of the range? See my example, it works


Date format shall be as in your regional settings, i use ISO one ("yyyy-mm-dd"), in your case "dd/mm/yyyy"

Thank you very much Sergei.... now formula is ok...
Thank you

You are welcome, good luck

@Sergei Baklan I hope you can help me.


I have something similar with MINIFS and MAXIFS. I am using a date as the criteria, which is held in a cell, but it doesn't work when I have =>.


Example 1: 

=MINIFS(TablePastData[Card No],TablePastData[Date],A2)


A2 is the cell with the date in and this works perfectly.


Example 2:

=MINIFS(TablePastData[Card No],TablePastData[Date],">=A2")

This does not give an error, but returns "0".


What am I missing here?



In first case you find the min for all records where TablePastData[Date] is equal to A2.

In second case where TablePastData[Date] is equal to text ">=A2", I guess no such one.

Please try

=MINIFS(TablePastData[Card No],TablePastData[Date],">=" & A2)




@Sergei BaklanYou are a genius my friend. Thank you for the quick response.

@JNollett , you are welcome

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