Returning distinct count of filtered records

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Here is my problem.

I have 2 columns (Rationale Documented & Role Name)


I need a formula that can filter the entire Rationale Documented column to identify when Rationale Documented > 0; then return a count of distinct Role Names found on the rows left in the filtered data.  I’ve tried all types of countif/countifs/sumx, etc… formulas.  But nothing I’ve come up with is getting me the result I need.

Using the example image, the result count I'm expecting will be 2. (FNC_ARASH_ARASH_ARASH_Performer_GO and FNC_IT_Christopher_Black_Team_Performer_GO)


I also tried using DAX and creating a measure.  I'm open to whatever works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Please check out this link.


Hope that helps



Create a pivot table that is loaded into the data model and use the DistinctCount function.


Or use Power Query to remove the duplicates in column "Role Name" and count the remaining items.


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