Removing unique values

Arron Godfrey
New Contributor

Hello everyone


I hope someone can help me.  What I am trying to do is remove all of the unique values from a spreadsheet.  Or alternatively, remove the duplicates but for them to be saved into another sheet.  Any suggestions?


I have identified the duplicate values and they are now highlighted, but when I try to custom sort by cell colour or by font colour, the system just fails.  I have tried on numerous PCs and also in online excel and on the regular version



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Hi Arron,


Please follow the below trick which rely on the conditional formatting.



Also, you can use Get & Transform Tool (aks as Power Query) as the below GIF.



Thank you so much for this.  I can't seem to get the arrow to appear next to where it says 'values' at the top?



Hi Arron,


This is the AutoFilter arrow.

To activate it, select the Values column, then click Data > Filter or press Ctrl+Shift+L.


Hope that helps