Remove text or numbers from multiple cells

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Does Excel have a way to automatically remove all the number (or text) elements from a column or row of cells that each contain both elements?

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Have you tried using Find & Replace (Ctrl + H) but leaving the Replace field blank?

Well, that seemed to work.  I had a column in which each cell had a number followed by a period, then a space and then some text.  When I did Find & Replace I put Find(*.) and left Replace blank and that took out both the numbers and the periods!  Good suggestion - Thanks!

That's great. I frequently copy stuff from Excel into Word then use the advanced F&R features in Word, like ^p for paragraph marks and ^t for tab marks or replacing spaces for ^t then removing multiple ^t to get back to single ^t then convert the remaining text into a table and pop it back into Excel. It's amazing how inventive one can get.

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