Problem with a IF or Lookup function!

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I am looking for a cell to be populated with the word Gateway if another cell has text from a column present.

Is this possible.



- Column U has 20 Company names.

- Column E will be populated with Company names.

- I want the cells in column C to be populated with the word 'Gateway' when one of the Company Names in Column U is used.




John Cassidy

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Hi @johnjamescassidy 


You can use below formula in column C




A sample file is also attached for your reference..




You may try this...


In C2


and copy it down.


As per the formula, if a cell in column E is empty, the formula will return a null string i.e. blank otherwise the formula will use MATCH function to look for the company name entered in column E and check whether it is present in column U or not and if a company match was not found the Match function will return #N/A error to the outer function ISNA which will then be evaluated as true and the formula cell will return a blank again else if a company match is found in column U, the formula will return Gateway in column C.


You're Welcome@johnjamescassidy 

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