Problem/Strange behavior by renaming sheet

Bernhard Rogge
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I recently discovererd a behavior in Excel 2016 where I'm not sure if it is "works as designed" or a faulty behavior:

  1. Two open workbooks
  2. Rename a sheet in the first book (Original name "Sheet1")
  3. Changing into the other workbook without pressing "Enter" or klicking anything in the first workbook(Name of the sheet seems to be changed)
  4. Doing something in the second workbook
  5. Returning to the first workbook in the sheet, where the rename took place. Name still seems to be changed
  6. Changing to a different sheet in the first workbook. Immediately the name of sheet1 is displayed as "Sheet1".


This can be solved by either

  • Pressing "Enter" before changing to the second workbook or
  • By klicking anything in the first workbook after the rename took place

We run 16.0.8431.2270 atm


I'm looking forward gratefully to your replies.

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Hi Bernhard,


My guess that's since by default Excel 2016 opens each new workbook in the same instance. If you start new instance for the second workbook it works - rename without Enter and clicking in same workbook, go on second one, return back on first and we sheet keeps new name.

Hello Sergej,


thanks a lot for the quick reply.


We fought so hard for this feature over the past. And that is the reason why I raised the question "works as designed" or faulty behavior? Problably nobody paid attention when they changed the document Interface. And of course I admit the described way is not a way everyone works every day. xD

Hello to all members

Since today I have problem to change the name of the table sheets. Each time I select Tableau1  (have a french version) and type  a name it returns immediately to Tab1. Impossible even to type some precision after Tab1.  Very uncomfortable as I use always my own name of sheets in formula,, dynamic table etc..


Is there something to check in the "preferences" or elsewhere?

My version :Excel in Office  for Mac 2016 (student and family) Version 16.21.1 (190123)

I am afraid the software maybe corrupted (it has a year) bought in  Microsoft online store.

Any tip or idea would be strongly appreciate.




Solution was easy. Sorry to have asked before trying it.

I had copy (copy + paste) a table coming from an older version of excel in my new sheet with other version of Excel. Erratic behaviour must have been related to the old format.

I  had to redo the all table in the new sheet and everything turn back to normal.

Anyway it is annoying not to be able to copy sheets from an old version of Excel.


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