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Can someone please tell me how I can preserve cell formatting even after I refresh my query! This would be extremely helpful for my work project right now! 

Thank you in advance. 

( I have attached my file - As you can see the headers show every couple of lines which b/c those are the headers for each individual file. Even after formatting once I refresh these lines re-appear again)

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Could you please clarify bit more. If we speak about cells formatting these are things like color change, number format, column width and like.


If repeating rows which you'd like to remove (aka headers) you may filter them within the query - add one more step and filter Hours (attached).

I am unsure how to 'you may filter them within the query - add one more step and filter Hours (attached).' 


 I have deleted the 'Header Rows' within the Power Query Editor - but once I refresh the Master Key spreadsheet after the hours cells have been updated the 'Header Rows' re-appear again and the formatting of the spreadsheet returns back to the default. 

We speak about "Combine_Excel__2" query?

Here in query editor you may filter Hours column as


This step generates M code which you may see in formula bar

= Table.SelectRows(#"Changed Type", each ([Hours] <> "Hours"))

Thank you so much for your help - I was extremely over thinking the question!


Is it possible for me to have a Subtotal at the end of each dept that collapses without it pulling the Subtotal information into the Pivot table?

That's with Pivot Table or create one more query with departments subtolals (Group By) and land it separately.

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