Power Query Merge Causing Dropped Rows

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I don't know what is causing these but I am doing a merge with Power Query and losing rows when I click on expand.


For simplicity sake I have two tables, one has Employee Number and Name and the other has Employee Number and Salary. Not all employees have a salary on the second table so I did a left hand-join using the names table as the master. When I do the join on step where it is just the merge, all of the data is still there, but as soon as I try to expand the salaries table to load that into the model rows start to disappear. The problem is that I then merge in 3 more tables with other information the same way and by the time I am done my 10k row table is down to 700 rows. Any ideas?

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That's strange. In formula bar your merge step looks like

= Table.NestedJoin(tblNames,{"ID"},tblSalary,{"ID"},"tblSalary",JoinKind.LeftOuter)


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