Power Query Editor sort changes order on rows with same value

Stian Egge
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I'm having a problem with the power query editor sorting rows it should not change order on. My goal with PQE is to show a summary of tasks from a "mission log", sorting based on two seperate columns. The PQE reads a log-table where all logs are written in chronological order.


My goal is 

1. To sort tasks with highest priority on top. (Named "PRI")

2. Leave tasks within the same priority in same order (oldest on top to newest on bottom). (Named "NR"). The "NR" is the log entry number. From first to last. 


See the attached screenshots. You only need to consider the columns named "NR" and "PRI".  For example, for the priority "B", the "NR"-order should be 5-6-7 after sorting according PRI (A-B-C).Sort error before.pngThe table before sorting accorcing to priority (PRI) A to ESort error after.pngThe table after sorting according to PRI. The "NR"-order is not chronological within the same "PRI".

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Hi Stian,


Right after sorting PRI sort NR column as well. In the formula bar you'll see like this

= Table.Sort(#"Previous Step",{{"PRI", Order.Ascending}, {"NR", Order.Ascending}})


Thanks a lot, that worked!

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