Pie Chart does not appear after selecting data field

James Terrell
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Occasional User of Excel. Trying to plot church budget with a pie chart. Six categories totaling 100%. When I  highlight data field and select "pie chart', chart does not appear in display field (blank field). Switching to "bar chart", everything works fine. Is there some setting that I need to toggle or specify?  Thanks. 

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James, could you attach sample file with non-sensitive data?

Thanks for your reply.  I tried to respond on my iPhone but got error message. Forgot to mention that I am using Excel 2016. Thank you.

Jim Terrell



the sheet you have sent is empty!

Not sure what happened with file. When I opened file just now, data is there.

Can we try one more time? I appreciate your patience.

Jim Terrell


option 1: only select the the 2 columns with the data ( don't select the empty columns)

then insert the pie chart


option 2: delete the empty columns - then select the 2 columns then insert the pie chart



Option 1 Worked great! No other issues.

Thank you so much.

Jim Terrell

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