Percentage calculation in pivot table for a growing time series

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I'm trying to create a pivot table showing percentage occupancy across a portfolio of residential properties. The viewer should have the ability to slice the data however they want. I'm unsure how to accomplish this. The basic idea and issues are as follows:


  • Everyday we get an update on the occupancy across the portfolio
  • Some of the properties were added over time so the total number of units has changed multiple times
  • I want to create a pivot table and pivot chart that grow daily to accommodate the newly reported occupancy. The pivot chart and table should show occupancy percentage which are calculated by dividing the occupancy for the period by the number of units during the period. Since I can't add percentages, I'm struggling to figure out how to accomplish this.
  • I want to eventually post the pivot chart with the slicing functionality to a sharepoint site  

Here is an example of the data. Everyday there will be another column added. Properties start showing occupancy from the day they are acquired.





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