Parsing 2 or 3 strings of text from a cell that are separated by "|"

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Example 1:




Example 2:




Where XXXXX is a varied string of text separated by the "|" symbol


I need to be able to parse out each string of text into sequential cells in a row.  Currently trying to use MID, LEFT, RIGHT, LEN, and IF in order to get around errors that would occur when a cell has 2 strings of text instead of 3.

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If you have a column of cells to process, I suggest using the Data...Text to Columns menu item.

  1. Select the cells to be parsed. They must be in a column, unfortunately.
  2. Open the Data...Text to Columns menu item, and choose Delimited in the first step of the wizard. Click Next.
  3. In the second step of the wizard, choose the pipe | symbol as the delimiter in the field next to "Other". Click Next.
  4. In the third step of the wizard, you may specify where you want the results. It defaults to write over the original column.
  5. Click Finish
Thank you so very much! It worked like a charm!
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