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I am creating a multisheet workbook where I want to insert the contens of a cell into the pagefoot, is that possible and in that case how.

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Although you can add different types of information to the Header or Footer (File Name, Sheet Name, Date, ...etc), however, using the Page Setup dialog box, you cannot grab a value from a cell in the worksheet by typing =cellReference


The Good News is, You can create a very simple code in VBA to do that for you.

The code should be attached to the Before Print Event of the Workbook:

  • Go To the Visual Basic Editor >>ALT + F11
  • To the Left side (Project Explorer) >> Right Click ThisWorkbook >> 
  • Select View Code
  • In the VBE>> click on the drop list to the left and select WorkBook
  • Then click on the drop list to the right and select Before Print
  • Assuming you want to link to the value in Cell C5 in each sheet,

Here is the code:


Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)

    Dim Sh As Worksheet

    For Each Sh In Me.Worksheets

    Sh.PageSetup.CenterFooter = Sh.Range("C5").Value & VBTab & Date

    Next Sh

End Sub


NB: To have in the Header use CenterHeader instead

VBTab will add a Space and I am joining to the Date



Hope that Helps

Nabil Mourad

Thank you Nabil
This was just what I wanted

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