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I just installed Office 365. I need to create a histogram chart for a class assignment. I did the add-in for the Analysis ToolPac. I don't have histogram chart available on my insert ribbon. I rebooted my computer, still no histogram chart option. I ran the office updater, updates are up to date. I again rebooted my computer. Still no Histogram on the Insert Ribbon. How do I get more available charts under the Insert ribbon? On the professor's youtube video, his excel has 8 different options for charts under the insert tab. Can anyone instruct me on how to add this button to the charts tab under insert? Any help appreciated.

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@Mira_S The file you attached is an old format .xls file. This file format was used in Excel up to version 2003.


When this file is opened with modern Excel, it will be in "compatibility mode" and any features that were added to Excel in versions 2007 and up will not be available.


You need to use the Save As command and then select Excel Workbook (*xlsx) in the drop down for the file type, where it currently says Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)




After that, you need to close the workbook and open it again. Check the green title bar at the top of the Excel window. If it says "Compatibility mode" it still runs in the old Excel mode.


Sometimes you can't see the trees because you've been banging your head on it for so long. Thank You Ingeborg Hawighorst. Your instructions worked perfectly.
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