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Hi folks,

a couple of weeks ago two things started happening in my excel that I cannot find a solution for anywhere.

(1) when I start typing a formula, all groups expand in my excel sheet.  How do I disable this feature?

(2) I can no longer highlight continuous data by holding ctrl+shift+arrow.


Any advice on the above?




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Does this also happen when you start Excel in safe mode (press and hold the control key when you launch Excel)?

Hi Jan, it does not happen in safe mode...

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

@danandrew , not sure about first question, Ctrl+Shift+Arrow shall work on all versions of Excel. I'd try to repair.

Start Excel normally and then try turning off your add-ins one by one to see which causes this. Don't forget to also check the COM add-ins. File, Options, Add-ins tab, dropdown close to the bottom of the window, select add-in type and press Go...

I@Jan Karel Pieterse  I tried that... no change.  Do I need to just action the active ones or the inactive ones too?

Only look at the ones which are checked. O and if you have a Personal macro workbook you may want to try moving that away from the XLSTART folder as well.
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