Nextif Function and Mail Merge

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I am trying to get a mail merge where I want separated email to be sent to a list of accounts.

I would like James Green to receive one email only stating:

21/11/2018    89

26/12/2018    34

And same for Thomas Reed and so on. 


James Green21/11/201889
James Green26/12/201834
Thomas Reed14/12/201622
Thomas Reed27/05/201888


Then the perfect scenario would be to also have the subtotals, but this is not extremely important:

James Green21/11/201889
James Green26/12/201834
James Green Total 123
Thomas Reed14/12/201622
Thomas Reed27/05/201888
Thomas Reed Total 110
Grand Total 233


I have tried in many different ways to use the formula "nextif" but I still cannot work it out.

Do you have any suggestion/tutorial to share?

Many thanks,


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Hi! Usually MS Word is the tool for Mail merge. The source for it can be your excel sheet and table data. Sums are calculated in excel. But mail merge should deliver those excel results or adress data etc. where’s a nextif function in excel? It’s in Mail merge of Word I am sure with 99,99%. Try it with Word. Greets, Eva

Hi Eva, yes I am trying to do the mail merge from Word and the function is under "mailings" and "rules" but I cannot make it work.

Hi Fabio,


Not sure if {NEXTIF} field helps for the grouping, but that's more question to Word people. From poor Excel point of view you may transform your source table and make grouping here, for example with Power Query


Simple sample file is attached

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