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i am a school teacher working with marks of the student. i need the list of students who got less than 35 marks in one subject (with subject names), two subjects, three subjects etc. i dont know how to create this list. i tried a lot for the past 1 week i cant find a solution. can anyone guide me. i attached my file with this

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You might try working with Pivot Tables.

Hi! I tried your xlsx File, thanks.


Although i did a pivot table for your out of your xlsx file... Hope that works. There are TONS of tutorials in youtube or on (eBooks) to learn Excel advanced knowledge. Greets, Eva.




Greets, Eva.

Hi Eva thanks for your guidance, i too tried by seeing lot of youtube videos but i think i have not explained my problem correctly. now i created a table in the file attached below which titled "Single subject failures" with all subject names. i need to display the name of the students who got <35 marks only in that subject (for example the second column shows english. it should contain the name of the students who got <35 marks in english subject only and got >35 marks in all subjects). i dont know how to do it. can you guide me






That could be


for first subject, and similar for others, please see attached. That's a bit straightforward, but with merged cells it's hard to add more flexibility

Thank you Sergei Baklan. thanks for your guidance you made it simple i was troubling a lot for more than a week using various commands
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