Need Cell Contents to Disappear on Condition

Shawn French
Occasional Contributor

Hello Forum!


Cell K11 is a data validation list with the following reference:



Cells L10, L11, and L12 are also conditional data validation lists of K11 with the following reference:



Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.09.06 AM.png


When the cell in K11 is edited, I want the contents of L10, L11, and L12 to disappear, as some of the exercises in K11 do not require any information from the following cells.


Here is an example of the list both of the cells are drawing information from:


Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.55.23 AM.png


Cell K11 is drawing from column B, and the lists in L10, L11, and L12 are drawing from the contents of D1 to G3.


Thank you all for your help, it is much appreciated.