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Mike Park
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I am trying to build an application for payment in excel. There are Series numbers that each have Item numbers. I want to use nested dropdown lists but from what I can see this would mean naming a range of cells by the Item Number. I have tried to do this but it returns an error - is it possible to name a range of cells by a number or am I doing something else wrong?


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pls see attached sample.

hope you can make something out of it.



Thanks very much for your help. There are loads of item rates for each series - how would I apply yur method to this?

kindly attach a non-sensitive sample -- so people here can have a better view of your query.
there are many good people here that can help you.

Hi, I have attached the template application I was working on.

I have removed sensitive info and replaced schedule of rates with made up ones.

If you look at the Cyclical Gullies tab you will see I want to select the Series Number from a drop-down which will, in turn, offer me the relevant Item Numbers & Qty Ordered for that series also as a drop-down.

I haven't included all the series and items as there are loads!

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

in sheet("SoRs") - the series number are all 500?
if that is the case, you don't have to look there - you must look at "Item".
likewise - what is the range of qty ordered you want under G1 - is it 0-5 > 5 .....
I made some revision on the sample - pls see the notations.


it will be much clearer if you indicate on the worksheet - what you want the result to be...

There are many series numbers, each with many item numbers. I have just selected one series to demonstrate what I'm trying to do as the issue

I have attached the template again but added another series to the SoR tab & added comments to the cells in the Cyclical Gullies tabs for what I'm trying to do.

pls see attached file.

I made revisions on what I perceived to be your query.

hope you can make something out of it.


pls see the latest revision.

hope you can make something out of it.


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